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Online MBA in Banking

Why an MBA in Banking

With a detailed perspective of banking, this MBA module is constructed to create true-blue bankers with a deep understanding of the requisites of banking.

This MBA in Banking Management is for the students with an inclination towards the banking sector. To acquire jobs in this sector, students should develop an understanding regarding money flow and investments effectively. The knowledge accrued from this module will also inspire to structure innovative yet customized insurance products to the end customers.

        >   Subjects         » Job prospects after pursuing an MBA Banking

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Team development & Leadership
  • Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Skills & Discipline
  • Corporate Governance
  • 1 Project and introduction to Research Methodology

  • » Financial Officer
  • » Loan Officers
  • » Accountants
  • » Currency Derives Officers and Mangers
  • » Relationship Officers
  • » Investment Banking Officers
  • » Loan Managers