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Online MBA in Insurance & Risk Management

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Online MBA in Insurance

Why MBA in Insurance

An MBA program in insurance prepares the individual for potential employment in the insurance industry, a complex field that requires thorough understanding of varied subjects. MBA program in insurance combines a core business studies directly related to insurance, risk management, insurance law, reinsurance and risk financing.

MBA insurance students deeply inclined towards negotiation and conflict resolution. The individuals share a natural gift of creating strong interpersonal relationships and are capable of communicating with people outside of their immediate workplace. Strong leadership skills are also essential in kind of position that is available for an MBA in insurance. Professionals already absorbed in the insurance industry are often keen to pursue an MBA in insurance so as to move ahead in profession and occupy a major role in the insurance industry.

        >   Subjects         » Job prospects after pursuing an MBA in Insurance

  • Fundamentals of Insurance
  • Principles of Life Insurance
  • International Insurance Business
  • Legal Aspects of Insurance
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Principles of Non life Insurance
  • 1 Project and introduction to Research Methodology

  • » Insurance Underwriter
  • » Financial Analyst
  • » Product Manager