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Online MBA in Pharmaceuticals Management

Why MBA in Pharmaceuticals Management

Doctor treats patients and a pharmacist secures life by creating drugs to save life. The science of pharmacology is an old art of healing. During the ancient times hakims or vaids used to make drugs by themselves and used to prescribe it to patients.

The advancement of time has formulated this practice into a systematized industry and the task is solely conducted by pharmaceutical experts. To control the vast industry of pharmacy there is a need of apt planning, smart organizing and execution of right ideas. This need introduced the role of MBA in Pharmaceutical Management; this degree came as an opportunity for those who wanted to enter the pharmaceutical world from the aspect of management

A management program for this industry proved to be a magic wand; this led to experience the new horizons of this pharmaceutical industry, there are also individuals who ventured into the industry.

        >   Subjects         » Job prospects after pursuing MBA Pharmaceuticals

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Strategic Management & Business Ethics
  • Regulatory Affairs & Intellectual Property Rights
  • Innovations & New Product Development
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • 1 Project and introduction to Research Methodology

  • A professional in Pharmaceutical Management can explore the fields like sales promotion, retail wholesale distribution, product management, medical journalism, research & development. A student with a medical background can also work as a research & development professional and can get involved in drug discovery and process development. Also, one can work with Clinical Research, Contract Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers, and Biotech Institutions.