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Online MBA in Supply Chain Management

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Online MBA in Supply Chain Management

Why MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the provision of end product to customer through managing the network of interconnected entities, is the one with high potential growth across the sectors. With the increasing demand of management professionals in Supply Chain sector, B-Schools have started to strengthen their base in the specialization.

In the course of the next five, ten, fifteen years, supply management’s going to continue to have a greater importance in the various companies particularly in the world of manufacturing, but in companies in general. Jobs will be at a continuously higher level and at significantly a higher pay level. It is highly recommended to enthusiastic people who find the world of supply management interesting as it is one of the exciting sectors.

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  • International Logistics
  • Inventory & Stores Management
  • Purchase & Material Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production & Operation Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • 1 Project and introduction to Research Methodology

  • » Procurement / Purchasing
  • » Plant/Facility Manager
  • » Logistics / Distribution Manager
  • » Warehouse Manager
  • » Supply Chain Manager