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President's Message

Welcome to Jaro Education – an Institute providing quality online education to students all over the world. These are very interesting times for all of us in the sector of Higher Education. Exciting changes are taking place and as a proactive Institution, we have taken note of all those developments. We will continue to focus more on emerging areas in higher education - developing and implementing innovative, industry based programs that would build skill – sets needed to create future business leaders & entrepreneurs.

We believe that the required needs of the job market must be an integral part of the thought process in developing courses as our approach is student centric. This has led us to create innovative programs that provide benefits to students, enhance their career growth and solution providing capacities. Our online International MBA programs are examples of such developments. Jaro Education assures responsibility and commits to nurture young talent and help them to get faster promotion in their career in the corporate world. Above all, we are proud of our legacy of inclusion key corporate value system, which serves as a common thread that connects each of our students.

All of this of course could not be accomplished without our most precious asset – our team, our faculty. They are an integral part of our Institute’s culture and share our vision and our ideals. Further, we believe in leveraging the abilities of our employees and investing in them, so that they can be the best to deliver. We ensure that all of our students get complete support and help to achieve their dreams.

We are committed to offer better services to our students in years to come. It is our endeavor to offer our students flexible, modular, dynamic programs to keep the students market – ready all the time.

Prof Dr. Vijay Khole
Former Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai